RoadBuck 3D Wheel Alignment Machine

ေစ်းႏူန္း : -
အနည္းဆုံး အေရအတြက္ : 1 Unit(s)
Model : R600


Power Supply : 220V
Packing size : 1030x730x1540mm


Key features of 3d wheel alignment machine R600
1. Windows 7 system, Windows 7 or Windows XP system, includes Chinese, English, Spanish and Russian language.
2. No electronic components and no battery can reduce failure greatly.
3. Error of repeatable measure is ±0.04.
4. One-off calibration in factory, the machine can be used directly after assembly.
5. Push the car or wheels can realize traditional measurement.
6. No affection by the levelness of the lifting platform.
7. Automatic compensation about positioning.
8. Loudspeaker with multiple languages to guide, very easy to learn how to operate.