Car Wash Machine

ေစ်းႏူန္း : -
အနည္းဆုံး အေရအတြက္ : 1 Unit(s)
Brand : ZANDA
Model : ORT-200-HPB


Machine dimensions : 1, 500 x 3, 500 x 2, 800mm(L.x W. x H.)
Washable car dimensions : 5, 500 x 1, 950 x 20, 00mm(L.x W. x H.)
Power supply & consumption : 380V, 50Hz, 3Phase, 15Kw
Washing time : 2-5min/car
Water consumption : 120-150L/car
Rail length : 9, 000mm
Width between rails : 3, 340mm


The ORT-200-HPB car wash machine is fully automatic system.The equipment is roll over gantry type and the vehicle is driven in by the customer.The equipment uses latest high pressure technology which has no limit about the vehicle shape. The complete equipment is built as modular structure and transported in partial and assembled form.The complete structure is galvanized and painted to avoid corrosion in the harsh conditions.

-The equipment uses high pressure jet wash technology to remove the dirt adhered to the car furface.
-The swiveling nozzles provide an appealing look to the equipment.
-Controlled by PLC provides very reliable and robust control system.
-High efficiency car washing, 100 seconds for each car.

Shampoo system, wax system, drying system, under chassis wash system and water recycling system