Semi Electric Stacker

Semi-electric stacker is an economical choice for a variety of basic material handling needs ,which is a half electric forklift for load and unload and short- distance transportation.


Hand Pallet Truck 3 Ton

The Hand Parllet Tuck is the ideal " storage aid" and " handling partner " for all manual transport tasks over short distances,exce- llently suitable for use on lorries ,in small warehouses and markets ect.


Mobile Scissor Lift Table

Mobile scissor lift table adopts scissor type mechanic structure to bring high stability after being elevated. The wide operation platform and high loading ability has made wider aloft work arrange


Stationary Lift Table

Stationary hydraulic lift table is a kind of hydraulic elevator specially designed to lift cargo in storerooms, factories and warehouses. It is designed with guide mechanism to ensure the stable lifting.


Hand Stacker 1Ton

Hand Stacker is hand push & hand lift stacker which provides cost-effective handling for both vehicle loading and production areas. Easy maintenance and low running costs.



Power transmission system, overhead guard and truck frame all use dual suspension structure,Which can weaken the vibration transferred from power system wheel, control lever and seat