Torin BigRed 2 Post Car Lift (4000 Kg)

Manual safety locking system. Driven by dual hydraulic cylinders. Mechanical locking system, w/single point safety latches in each column.



Single Post Car Lift (2500 Kg)

Manual single side release system. Single post design makes service more convenient. Movable single post lift with adjustable arm length.



Scissor Alignment Car Lift

Minimize your shop space and increase working height with this lift. Lower profile and takes up limited space. Pneumatic self locking mechanisms. Quiet and smooth operation.



Torin BigRed Brake Lathe

Spindle Travel:6-7/8"/175 mm. Spindle Speed:70, 80, 118 RPM. Spindle Feed Speed:Min 0.002 Inch Per Revolution / 0.05 Mm/Rev


Hydraulic Rim Straightening Machine

This unique machine is used to correct and straighten all kinds of defected steel and alloy rims ranging from 10" to 26".


Torin BigRed Hydraulic Shop Press 50 Ton

The press is a universal equipment with exquisite structure . It has such features as wide application, high production efficiency,etc.