Torin BigRed Hydraulic Shop Press 50 Ton

ေစ်းႏူန္း : -
အနည္းဆုံး အေရအတြက္ : 1 Unit(s)
Brand : Torin BigRed
Model : TY50001


Capacity : 50 Ton
Stroke : 175mm
Work Range : 0 - 890 mm


Use occasions:
1.The press is a universal equipment with exquisite structure . It has such features as wide application, high production efficiency,etc.
2.The press can be widely used for such processes as cutting, punching, blanking, bending, riveting, forming,etc. Metal blanks are machined into parts after plastic deformation and fracture occur due to high pressure applied to them. The manual press is mainly used for disassembling gears, shaft sleeves and other fittings and aligning deformed parts. It is a machine widely used in factories, flow line product assembly, maintenance,etc.